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Nick Leng's "One More Time" is a modern classic [Video]

Nick Leng's new song "One More Time" is a booming, brooding anthem with the perfect video to match.

The South African, LA-based singer's sound immediately grabs your attention. Gentle at first and building into this hypnotic, funk-laden beat. Leng's attention to poetic lyricism combined with his memorable hooks and gorgeous production makes for an instantly cool sound.

It's just dripping in style, and his smooth vocals tie it all together. The lyrics are outlandish but somehow make perfect sense when he sings, "Throw a kiss up to heaven, tourmaline on your hand, and I'll burn all the bridges, just to see you again." It's the one last cry to see someone even though you know it's a bad idea.

The matching visual directed by James Ronko and filmed by Tanner Deutsch and Christian Lanza feels instantly classic. Leng's style and dancing are dripping with charm, and it feels so vintage but so modern at the same time. It's clear Leng has not only found his style but is excelling at it. 

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