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Neo folk artist M. BYRD shares his dreamy morning mantra in "Morning Sun"

M. BYRD is flying high and bright with his new single “Morning Sun.” Focusing on the beauty of an acoustic soundscape and giving people a tender way to wake up, the new single brings a calmness and serenity. You can quite literally feel your body absorbing the goodness in his sounds.

“Morning Sun” warms up with a glow of acoustic scenes. The track is slow and soothing with rolling waves of acoustic guitar and cloud-soft vocals that have a subtle echo on them, leaving a lasting imprint of chill vibes. Like the slow rise of the morning sun, the song slowly builds up the production, gradually waking us up to the world in a snug, epic sonic cuddle. “Morning Sun” is fresh and familiar, but most of all a comforting piece to go back and listen to over and over. Just like the track, the video is a slow burner of beauty revealing the sunrise over the ocean. Similarly to his previous track, "Mountain," the video focuses on the earth's natural beauty, featuring stunning dancing from Rose Marie Lindstrøm and epic landscapes are humbling to the core. 

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