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Yuki Dreams Again chooses self-love over a “Pretty Face” in new single

As the grandson of famous jazz bassist Charlie Biddle, it feels almost impossible for 23-year-old Montreal-based artist, Yuki Dreams Again, not to fall into the music world. However, unlike his grandfather, Yuki found himself in the soundscape of electronic, alt-pop, and R&B, telling stories of his self-discovery and the human spirit. Today, Yuki Dreams Again shares his new single “Pretty Face”, a song about growth and revelations.

From beginning to end, “Pretty Face” is a song that will make you want to stop whatever you’re doing and just let yourself go for a few minutes. Familiar old-school R&B samples layer over a ticking, dancey trap beat and subtle horns . Yuki’s buzzing vocals pair nicely with the humble background shouts. 

As for the story of the track, Yuki Dreams Again shares, “I made this song to inspire people to leave anyone that makes you feel bad about yourself. I came to the realization that when you surround yourself with the right people and you let go of anyone that is toxic for you, you make room for better things to happen in your life.”He makes a great point. It’s better to get lost in good music than stuck in situations you’d rather not be in. 

With the single, Yuki passes along the news of his debut EP Together Alone set to release on June 23rd. 

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