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Total Brutal's "Had A Feeling" is ruminative bliss

Southern California's Total Brutal, a.k.a. Emily Moore, unleashes a new sun-soaked single, "Had A Feeling." This latest track features crunchy bass, honey-dipped vocals and relaxed "yacht rock" inspired soundscapes. Emily Moore is a well-known multi-instrumentalist performing with the likes of Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa and fun.  You can hear her immense musicality in her own releases under Total Brutal, where she is able to flawlessly weave layered textures of pop with folk-rock melodies. 

Thematically, "Had A Feeling" details Total Brutal's own personal and unmanageable feelings experienced during 2020.  From loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and uncertainty, last year has been a difficult one for many of us and "Had A Feeling" so brilliantly conveys that. With lyrics including, "should I sit here and waste my time / Hoping that the world aligns", Total Brutal's hope for a better world is palpable. 
In "Had A Feeling" Total Brutal leans more heavily into her '60s folk influences as opposed to last year's shiny indie-pop tunes "Egypt" and "Choosy Moms". With just a few singles to her name, the songwriter and prolific musician promise more music to come and we can't wait to hear what is next.
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