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Grant Schaffer releases mellow new track "Lovely Town"

Rising singer Grant Schaffer is making some of the smoothest music out. His latest release "Lovely Town" encapsulates the feeling of walking on a small-town beach at the end of a tiresome day. 

The Gainesville, Florida native has amassed a sizable fan base through TikTok, where his lighthearted videos seem to go viral every week. He released a series of songs, beginning with an EP in 2019, and, after losing his ability to sing for months from bruising his vocal chords, is finally back in action. "Lovely Town" is a mellow indie pop song that can almost be classified as soft rock, given its soulful drum and clever guitar melodies. The song isn't a description of living in a nice town, but rather an empowering three minute metaphor for living life on one's own terms. It's the beginning of what will surely be an exciting year as Grant begins a new chapter in his musical journey. 

Connect with Grant Schaffer: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok 

Indie · Pop · Soft Rock


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