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DJ Swagger returns to Nerang Recordings with 'Bass Hysteria' EP

Following a feature on Nerang RecordingsFreaky Friends V/A compilation last summer, DJ Swagger has returned to the label with a high-energy, four-track EP. Flicking between electro, techno, bass and beyond, DJ Swagger draws upon a multitude of influences to bring us one of the most memorable EPs of 2021 so far.

Opening track “Atomic Fear” kicks things off as we mean to go on; intense breaks are peppered with air-raid sirens and glitchy hi-hats to create a certified dancefloor destroyer. Taking things back to the oldskool, this one’s going to be timeless. “Drybones” does a quick 180, veering down a totally different path. Bass-heavy, with dubstep and early UK influences shining through, it’s a sub-aquatic trip through all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds. The occasional synth bursts through the dark undertones like a ray of light, allowing a brief moment to step back and soak it up before being thrown back into the deep end.

“Trail Of Destruction” serves all sorts of electro-fuelled chaos — audacious vocals, infectious melodies and a healthy dose of wobble all contribute to making it a stand-out on the release. We can only imagine how good this one’s going to sound in a club. The EP is closed off with “Noseblunt,” a four-to-the-floor cut of pounding techno, laced with euphoric melodies and choppy vocals. A million miles away from the rest of the EP, “Noseblunt” is on a journey of its own. Pure energy from start to finish, Bass Hysteria is the perfect showcase for DJ Swagger's range.

Bass Hysteria can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with DJ Swagger: Spotify | Facebook | Instagram

Bass · Club · Dance · Electro · Techno


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