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VÉRITÉ makes NFT history with the release of new single "by now" [Video]

VÉRITÉ made history as the first artist to auction master recording rights in perpetuity for her new sing "by now." The auction for the new song went live last week and marked a huge milestone for independent artists.

It's easy to see why it was a big pull. The song is classic VÉRITÉ, dripping with the vulnerability that her voice always carries. "by now" has so much weight, but the production is so shimmering. It's the perfect juxtaposition. She moves between those spaces so well.

In a recent press release, she says, "You get to choose your own adventure with this song. Go as deep into the lake as you want, or you can stay up at the surface and enjoy the view." Which perfectly defines how VÉRITÉ operates. 

You can stay on the surface and fall for those ethereal choruses that seem to loop in your mind, or you can dive deep into the revealing and haunting lyrics that feel like you're staring into her soul. When she sings, "I was overflowing / hoping you would notice," you can feel those pauses, the desperation in her voice. 

VÉRITÉ has defined herself as a career independent artist, and her new venture into the digital landscape of NFTs has only proven how ahead-of-the-curve she is. Her independently produced albums, EPs, and singles have racked up 350M+ streams across all platforms, with 1M+ monthly listeners. 

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