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The summer starts early with Lydia Ford's "Feel It For You"

Irish-born and Berlin-based artist Lydia Ford is back with yet another superlative pop track, "Feel It For You."

Perusing through her back catalogue, you might notice that each release pushes her sound into alternating genre-based pockets, whilst retaining her refined artistic voice; a testament to her skill as a songwriter which allows her to articulate shades of indie, dance, a twist of folk and more typical singer-songwriter through her kaleidoscopic pop lens.

To that end, "Feel It For You" juxtaposes themes of downtempo contemplative pop, with the electricity of vocal-focussed future bass. As the days grow longer and sunnier as we slowly shift away from the hibernated state of winter, you're likely looking for music that matches that same energy as you go and "Feel It For You" arrives swathed in palpable summery energy, serving up a warm sense of wonder a few months early.

Despite the overall positivity that exudes from the sound of "Feel It For You," the juxtaposition is delivered by the melancholic vocal melodies and almost exasperated quality to them that gently soars over the muted guitars that perform as the track's overture. Before it switches up a gear into the chorus, that aforementioned sense of wonder and also hope arrives as the perfect precursor to the changing energy, with soft pads widening the soundscape with necessary grandiosity.

Recalling The Chainsmokers & Halsey's "Closer," punchy synth chords bounce in, ushering in a dynamic new rhythm that reinforces the vocal and taking some of the sting away from the post-breakup inspired lyricism.

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