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Cucamaras release daring "Death Of The Social"

Nottingham indie rock outfit Cucamaras have burst into 2021 with one of the heaviest and most abrasive tracks of their career. The cutting edge new punk single, "Death Of The Social," delivers a more unrelenting side to a band that already knows how to let loose. The song is the first of the new year, following a strong batch of singles in 2020. This next step is a logical one for Cucamaras, who showcase their versatility in the indie punk genre and clearly unleash some pent up aggression from the chaotic last year. This upward trend will surely be one to watch as the quartet gain momentum in creativity, energy, and popularity.

At a tight two minutes and twenty four seconds, "Death Of The Social" doesn't waste a moment of your time. The track kicks off with a chugging guitar riff reminiscent of an early Deep Purple cut and quickly morphs into a dystopian scene. The booming drums and screeching lead guitar complete the wild soundscape excellently, making for a fleeting energy that can be missed if you think twice. Lyrically, a poignant question of social divide is continually posed "where did all the hate come from?" It fits well with the sonic backing and the end result feels like a perfect embodiment of the the chaos that has ensued the past 12 months. Above all, what shines through the most here is an overwhelming sense of catharsis.

Cucamaras are poised for a great 2021, as their return to form here is sharper than ever. Their modern take on punk music is a refreshing and indulgent one.

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