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Daniel Javan shares hopeful new single "1,2,3"

Daniel Javan has shared a hopeful new single called "1,2,3". Overall, this dreamy song provides an optimistic mood that is very much needed in these challenging times. 

Originally from Dubai, Javan grew up in both Denmark and Sweden. The early influence of Netherlands music and songwriting helped him cultivate an international style of music that developed into collaborations with a multitude of different artists from various countries. Some of his stand-out collaborations include "Don't Know How to Love" with Norwegian artist Naits, and "feel the same" with Croatian singer sølace.

For his newest single, Javan provides catchy melodies over top of a hopeful instrumental, which primarily consists of dreamy pianos and energetic guitars. Beneath, lively drums lock in the rhythm as rich bass grooves play out. Javan comes through with some bittersweet vocals, expressing a feeling of looking towards a brighter future. Overall, the song is dynamic and smoothly produced, capped off by a memorable chorus.

All in all, "1,2,3" provides an uplifting mood, giving us a much-needed dose of positivity. This song certainly provides some much needed optimism going forward in these dark times.

Connect with Daniel Javan: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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