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Numi drops new single "Drones"

Wet Coast singer Numi first popped up on our radar some years back with her brand of eclectic R&B infused style that also takes elements from genres like rap, soul, and lo-fi vibes. On her new release "Drones" she shares a heartfelt tale of a broken relationship. It's a topic most of us are familiar with and Numi's unique approach also adds a different perspective to the story.

Armed with honeyed and punchy vocals, Numi delivers a commanding performance ripe with the passion and emotions of an individual reeling from the pain of miscommunication. She knows things can't go back to what they were so she reminds herself of the good times and details how things went awry over the course of time and changes in attitudes regarding boundaries and invasion of personal space.

The self-produced record displays her proficiency behind the boards with the aid of Fugusta Neal and they craft a punchy and somewhat moody backdrop peppered with warm basslines and dark pads. The track also gets a dramatic violin performance by Mika Violin who adds his own twisted arrangement into the mix. 

 "Drones" is out now on all your favorite DSPs here.

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Alternative R&B · Pop


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