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Babe Rainbow and Jaden Smith pair up for unlikely collaboration on "Your Imagination" [Video]

After Jaden Smith expressed his admiration for Babe Rainbow in an autumn interview, one would think that nothing more would come of it besides exposing the psychedelic rockers to a new set of listeners. But not six months later, Babe Rainbow extended the invite to Smith to lend a verse on their newest track, "Your Imagination."

No stranger to collaboration, Smith has previously partnered with Justin Bieber, A$AP Rocky, and Tyler, the Creator to name a few but for Babe Rainbow, this sort of effort is a first. After many encounters on social media and several endorsements from him, it appeared this would be a comfortable collaboration for the otherwise reserved group from Byron Bay. 

"Your Imagination" mirrors many of the mellow tracks the New South Wales hippies have produced in their repertoire so far with a tinge of Willy Wonka sprinkled in. Beginning with similar percussive elements and an opening guitar line to tracks from Today—their 2019 album—the vocals rise from the rubble as choral melodies join the blend, kissing our eardrums just as Smith arrives. 

The auto-tuned singer continues on the narrative of imagination, lending a soothing spoken word verse over the tender guitars, gentle bassline, and light shakers and bells. Flower children at heart, the two musical powers disregard potential genre and artist dissimilarities, culminating in a merging of sounds and creative energies.

"Your Imagination" will land as the third track on Babe Rainbow's upcoming album, Changing Colours. Inspired by the wildfire disasters plaguing their stomping grounds, it will drop May 14, 2021 via Eureka Records, Flightless Records, and AWAL

Connect with Babe Rainbow: Bandcamp | Facebook 

Connect with Jaden Smith: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

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