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Hayley Sales and Sharon Stone collaborate in new single “Never Before”

Yes, you heard it right. Actress and icon Sharon Stone has collaborated with Los Angeles retro soul, self-proclaimed 1940's pop star Hayley Sales. A pairing that you’d never expect and yet somehow it works so well. Co-writing on the new single “Never Before,” Stone and Sales found mutual ground when it comes to romance. The stunning new ballad showcases Stone’s honest and compelling songwriting, along with Sales soulful, ardent vocals. Together, they have crafted a bewitching release, which grabs the hearts of any listener.

Dripping in classic, old school vibes, “Never Before” parades Sales sultry, effortless vocals, like a peacock displaying its feathers. Her smooth, velvet tones glide delicately atop the orchestral arrangements, with the string section shooting shivers down your spine. Fueled with emotion and passion, the song is both moving and motivating. We all want to find a love like Stone and Sales describe. Sales shares further meaning behind the collaboration and inspiration behind the song, revealing, "I showed up at her house with a handful of nerves and excitement…I’d never done a co-write before and had no idea what to expect or how to even go about it. The second she walked into the room, all that went away. She was so warm and gracious, so absolutely unpretentious and open. Sharon asked me, if one song could explain who I am to the world, what would I write? At first, I didn’t know. Then I realized …romance. Romance moves me. Not just in that typical fall in love type of romance, but romance as a way of life…A way of walking, heart all messy and exposed, into everything. With that, we began to write."

We can only hope that this match made in heaven will collaborate on another song in the future. If “Never Before” is anything to go by, then we definitely need to hear more.

Connect with Hayley Sales : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Sharon Stone :  Twitter | Instagram

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