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They/Live wants "To Know Your Love" with new single

They/Live is the project of Whitney Mower and her sound is just as much a throwback as the project’s namesake—a reference to the 1988 John Carpenter film. With her serene, spaced out synth pop, it’s easy to see the influence from era-icons like Kate Bush and Cocteau Twins. Mower released her debut album as They/Live last spring, a collection of ethereal and hauntingly nostalgic songs known as Ablation. Back to follow up her debut album, They/Live has a new track out called “To Know Your Love.”

Much like with her album, “To Know Your Love” gives off heavy 80s/90s vibes. Instead of getting full on shoegaze leading lady with this track, They/Live taps into a sensuality that’s reminiscent of Madonna circa Erotica and Bedroom Stories. For a more modern reference, look somewhere in the space between Electric Youth, Chromatics, and Grimes. Mower’s voice slinks along the pillowed beats and downtempo melodies of "To Know Your Love" in the most irresistible way. Each layer of instrumentation mixes with the vocals to create this beautiful soundscape to get wrapped up in, but it's not over complicated. The listener is able to just show up and drift along for the ride. “To Know Your Love” is out now on Born Losers Records, and be sure to follow They/Live for more hazy gems.

Connect with They/Live: Spotify | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Born Losers Records: Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

80's · 90's · Chillout · Downtempo · Electronic · Pop · Synth Pop


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