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Finn Harry reveals a multi-genre knack on “SPLIT THE POWER”

LA-bred musician Finn Harry recently shared his electrifying new single “SPLIT THE POWER.” Only his second single to date, the 23-year-old singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist produces a new kind of energy that’s bursting at the steams. Harry’s influences are wide ranging from citing James Blake and Kanye West to Dave Grohl, Jai Paul, and Aphex Twin.

At about 25 seconds in, “SPLIT THE POWER” completely starts to roar and you’re hooked as if turning back was ever an option. Propelled by a mutant blend of psych-rock, electronic, and hip-hop intonations, there’s no room to put Harry’s sonic prowess in a box. Self-taught on the producing side during his time at UCLA, Harry conveys a striking approach to experimentation that doesn’t feel contrived. With “SPLIT THE POWER,” Harry crafts unflinching synths, jazz-tinged drums, and uncompromising beats that result in a renewed vitality that we didn’t know was missing until now.

“I began this song with the idea of blending hard-rock influences with groovy drums and psychedelic synths to create a dense, futuristic punk rock song that builds to an exploding point,” says Harry about his new single over email. “It’s about approaching a music career as an independent artist, dealing with outside forces who want you to water down and compartmentalize your sound. I played everything live (drums, guitar, bass, analog synth), which allowed me to create a wild, otherworldly soundscape that still feels organic and raw.”

“SPLIT THE POWER” follows Harry’s debut single “MURDER,” a booming, angst-driven, and sonically eclectic effort that drops squarely in a genre-agnostic landscape. Finn Harry is gearing up to release more music throughout the year.

Connect with Finn Harry: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Alt-Pop · Electronic · Indie · Psych-rock


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