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Sunnbrella searches for light on "Lost and Found" [Video]

The beat-driven melancholia of London musician, Sunnbrella, takes the essence of ‘90s shoegaze and distills it into a DIY bedroom project. David Zbirka began Sunnbrella back in 2019 with the hazily honest single, “Feelin’ Invisible”, and quickly followed up with his debut EP, Wanted Time. Released via Permanent Creep Records, his new single “Lost & Found” is a search to find meaning in our online world of pseudo connections and instant gratifications. The accompanying music video is a black and white collage of segmented videos that encapsulated the spirit of the track. 

Sunnbrella’s music is built on lo-fi bedroom beats, and driven by cold and innocuous guitars. It’s lyrically overt, but the music veils it in shadows. “Lost & Found” starts out dark and slow, eventually crescendos into a hopeful flurry of noise. It’s definitely a sad song, but it’s a contented sadness. 

The music video, shot and directed by Arnaud Lin, is a simple, but brilliant journey capturing the melancholic motion of the track. Sitting on a basketball hoop, walking amongst a flock of pigeons, and dancing on the sidewalk, the video translates the carefree feeling of the music into a visual medium. The overexposed night-time urban transition shots show the confusing disorientation Zbirka is trying to convey. 

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Photo by Akira Trees


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