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"Signal Down/Sideways" marks the beginning of a new era for Daniel Hex

You would be hard-pressed to find another rising artist out there who embodies quality over quantity more than Detroit's Daniel Hex.  With only 4 songs previously released on major streaming platforms over the course of nearly 2 years (not counting a handful of Soundcloud singles), Hex has maintained a mysterious profile while still managing to build a consistent fanbase.  So it comes as no surprise that his two new singles "Signal Down" and "Sideways" are thoroughly conditioned sonic playgrounds for the alt-hip hop prodigy to transform.

"Signal Down", while first released as a visualizer on YouTube, finally gets a streaming debut in conjunction with its previously unreleased B-side "Sideways."  Both singles amplify Hex's effortlessly smooth vocal presence over hard-hitting drums and delicate production.  Nearly opposite in tone, the heavenly "Sideways" serves as an emotional ballad that perfectly counterbalances the sometimes harsh tones and heavy 808s of "Signal Down" as the Detroit artist reminisces over the ups and downs of an honest and true love story from two different perspectives.  The two singles highlight the staggering range of Hex and his ability to deliver hip-hop bangers and rousing R&B ballads without flinching.

"Signal Down/Sideways" highlight exactly what makes Daniel Hex so special as a rising superstar; considerable versatility and an extremely rare attention to detail.  This attention to detail extends even to the visual collaborations with director Liam Walsh which are always flawless and tonally adept.  About as forward-thinking and ahead of his time as any underground artist in modern hip-hop, Hex is an indisputably special artist (and rest assured his time in the spotlight is very quickly approaching).  

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