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MARNEY reminds us of easier days in new single “Fireflies”

Do you remember how free you felt as a child? When you would spend your days jumping rope, blowing bubbles, climbing trees. MARNEY captures that sense of purity with their new single “Fireflies.” The alt-pop duo creates a retro radiance with this effervescent treasure. The track draws you in with its glittery synth-soaked soundscapes and rich, fiery vocals. Detailing a yearning for simpler times, member Crystal Douesnard sings, “maybe together we can just be kids again/with fireflies in our eyes it was all we knew/catching lights/chasing highs/it was only me and you.”

The atmospheric twosome consists of Douesnard (vocals) and Thomas Moore (guitar/bass/production). They met while touring with other bands, sharing a love for crafting innovative music. Known for a sound exuding unique nostalgia, their riveting releases take listeners down a deep emotive journey. “Fireflies” possesses that same passion and heart. MARNEY reveals in a statement, “ the song speaks about the importance of holding on to our innocence and finding hope in an uncertain world.” Check out this luminous must-listen now.

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