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Fallen Roses share meditative new single “Evolved”

Electronic duo Fallen Roses have shared a meditative new single entitled “Evolved”, featuring sihu.

Fallen Roses is a duo made up of Mexican musician Donovan’s Playground and Chilean artist B Dom. Their breakout song came in 2017’s “Yours and Nobody Else’s”, a warm, romantic instrumental hip hop track that eclipsed 6 million Spotify streams after its release. Following this, they released a strong debut EP  in For Ever in 2019, gaining them even wider recognition. For this latest single, Fallen Roses provide a smooth, sentimental lo-fi hip hop offering.

“Evolved” is a breezy track, featuring nostalgic Rhodes keys over top of crunchy percussion. Rich bass and subtle synths augment the smooth instrumental. The textured production enhances the reminiscent beauty of the instrumentation. Overall, this song evokes the feeling of warm memories resurfacing, such as those of youthful summers.

All in all, “Evolved” is a relaxing, freeing listening experience. This song is perfect for evenings outside in nature, or as a soundtrack to sentimental moments. Listening to this single makes one look forward to brighter days ahead as we move into spring.

Connect with Fallen Roses: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with sihuSpotify

Hip-Hop · Jazz Hop · Lo-Fi


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