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James Vickery & Musiq Soulchild share smooth new single "Come to Me"

UK musician James Vickery has shared a smooth new bop called “Come To Me”, featuring R&B legend Musiq Soulchild.

James Vickery is an R&B musician from South London. He is a fast rising star in the British R&B scene, having gained widespread acclaim for his smooth COLORS session video. The video totalled over 23 million views on YouTube, attracting the attention of seminal record labels Roc Nation and TH3RD BRAIN. Despite being born deaf in his left ear, Vickery has developed impressive skills in R&B songwriting, with his silky style capturing the ears of listeners worldwide.

For his new single “Come to Me”, Vickery enlists R&B legend Musiq Soulchild and accomplished producer Pomo as his accomplices. The trio create an elegant composition, providing smooth melodies and graceful instrumentation. The instrumental contains watery piano keys and dreamy guitars, providing the perfect backdrop for the ethereal lead vocals. Vickery’s vocals are full of personality, complemented by Musiq Soulchild’s buttery melodies. Underneath, an infectious bassline glues the track together, paired with organic sounding drums.

This intimate song is perfect for a relaxed night together with a special someone. The song creates a seductive mood, while it is simultaneously carefree and easy-going. Overall, “Come to Me” is the perfect song an intimate night in during quarantine.

Connect with James Vickery: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter
Connect with Musiq Soulchild: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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