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London Thor illustrates the rawness of relationships with EP "Cinematic Love"

Relationships are not always sunshine and rainbows. After what some would call the “honeymoon phase”, there can be disagreements and resentment.  Even in those ugly moments though, there is still a perfection that remains within the imperfect. Korean-American singer-songwriter London Thor has concocted a lush five track EP Cinematic Love exploring that concept along with other personal themes.

Opening with the delicate release “Drum Machines”, the dreamy, pulsating soundscapes simulate the sound of a heart beating. The intoxicating track details the longing for a past love. She wistfully sings, “heart beats like drum machines in my head, back and forth again, back and forth again, dreaming of you way back when.” Every time she visualizes what once was, all the feelings she had come flooding back.

“King of the Old Days” is a quirky track with colorful beats and soft, melancholy vocals. The song focuses on a guy who used to be a real ladies man, but now just keeps striking out. In his teenage years he may have had girls fawning all over him, but his pickup lines have just become old tired tricks. Many of us are familiar with this type of guy and can relate to the song’s sentiment.

Ending with the relaxing title track “Cinematic Love”, it touches on the intricacies of a relationship and its intense highs and lows. One moment you can be dancing around the room and the next you can feel so distant from one another. Despite the flaws though, there is a kind of splendor in the unpolished nature of it all.

London Thor’s pure vulnerability and openness allows her to connect with listeners in an authentic way. Suffering from depression at a young age, the pain yet also strength she has gained from her struggle can be felt throughout her offerings. In Cinematic Love, you can feel that same intense passion seeping through.    

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Dreampop · Electro Pop


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