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Aibai delivers a moreish overdose of peaceful serenity in "Glow"

Meet Aibai, a self-made female producer based in Minneapolis. Her latest single “Glow” is a daydream world of alt-indie-electronic goodness. Having written and produced the track herself, Aibai called in some help from Swims to take on the vocals. The combination of feminine production and the husky, gentle indie voice of Swims makes the perfect indie/electro fusion.

Inspired by a range of artists from Clairo and Flume to Rex Orange County, the sound and feel born from Aibai is super refreshing and unique. It’s not only hypnotic but puts you in a trance of relaxation and comfort. The 23-year-old producer has created an aura that radiates serenity and delicate energy. The radiant “Glow” is a tranquil hush of shimmering sounds, with the production oozing mellow, soothing guitar riffs. Layered, cloud soft claps add a fruity punch to the beat, while whooshing waves of symbols, patterns that sound like rain on a tin roof and the most delicious, swirling wash of tender synths that fill the soundscape up with a summer warmth, quite simply give the track its glow. Swims vocals are a soft, smokey vibe shrouded in harmonies, infusing the tune in angelic vibes.

Aibai shares, “With the indie vocals of Des who goes by Swims (and is the bass player in Early Eyes) combined with my ambient music, I was able to produce the indietronica sound I was going for!” The sound was inspired by the outdoors, with Aibai wanting to remake the sense of peace you acquire when engrossed in the beauty of nature. The lyricism describes adjusting to the freedom and change of becoming single and being struck by wonder of what's next. Together “Glow” is an amalgamation of feels leaving you in paradise.

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1 month ago

Dayuuum best single yet Aibai!

1 month ago

Dayuuum best single yet Aibai!