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Daniel Javan shares bittersweet new single "feel the same"

Daniel Javan has shared a new single entitled “feel the same”, featuring sølace.

Born in Dubai, Javan moved to Denmark as a child before his family ultimately settled in Sweden. He grew up in Stockholm, where he began playing music at an early age. Javan draws inspiration from international music due to his global upbringing. He frequently collaborates with artists from other nations, including a recent single with Norwegian standout Naits. His latest single “feel the same” is a collaboration with Croatian artist sølace.

On “feel the same”, Javan reflects on feeling overwhelmed by a love interest. He sings about a deep infatuation over top of haunting piano chords. Bittersweet synths accompany the pianos, complementing the song’s wistful mood. Next, crisp drums and swelling bass are brought in for the chorus, creating a stirring climax. The song finishes with a beautiful ambient outro, as the synths are drawn out over the pulsating bass line.

Overall, “feel the same” is a compelling release from this young Swedish artist. Considering the fact that Javan is only 17 years old, one can assume he has a bright future ahead. He certainly shows much promise on this new single.

Connect with Daniel Javan: Spotify | Instagram
Connect with sølace: Spotify | Instagram



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