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Get lost in the tide with Emma Elisabeth's "Jellyfish"

Swedish songstress Emma Elisabeth is somewhat of an anomaly in the indie and alternative music space, for more than a handful of reasons. Not only does she uniquely juxtapose the transformative power and storytelling of folk and country music against the darker shades of noir-rock, but also, her mastery of the lo-fi aesthetic elevates it beyond being merely roughly-edged, urging a genuine sense of artistic authenticity. Her 2021 embarks with the aptly named three-track EP Something Borrowed, Something Blue, of which "Jellyfish" shines brightest, albeit by a small margin.

With love a paramount theme in her music, "Jellyfish" looks to start afresh, with Elisabeth elucidating in an email statement that, "I wanted to capture this feeling of being like 13 all over again and being all nervous about it. And truth is, the uncertainty is still there, no matter how old you get.”

Cold, bordering on eery synths starkly grab your attention before they wash away into the tenderly strummed guitars that provide the harmonious direction and backbone for the track. Her vocal then not only takes centre stage but wholly owns the spotlight, commanding your attention with each enchantingly cascading melody. Just as the emotive exasperation of her voice reaches a mesmerising plateau, upbeat rhythms pull you out of your introspective moment to groove in your feelings.

Connect with Emma Elisabeth: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Indie · Shoegaze


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