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Mak 10 teams up with Tommy B & AGZ for "Situations" [Video]

UK's multi-genre DJ and producer Mak 10 has his hands in several musical pies since he broke out with the legendary grime group N.A.S.T.Y Crew (former members include Kano, Ghetts amongst others). Going beyond grime and broadening the scope of his sound, including dance music, Mak 10 continues to push his creativity with a new offering titled "Situations." The track will be his first release in 2021 and sees him teaming with Essex emcees Tommy B and AGZ who deliver a charismatic performance over a punchy grime production. Tommy B leads the charge with a raw lyrical showing about still being in love while the arguments seem to get louder and louder to the detriment of the relationship, as AGZ neatly packages the rest of the track with his laidback, smooth, yet highly emotive performance. 

The accompanying music video for "Situations"  features a warm aesthetic that accentuates the emcees heartbreaking storytelling. The overall storyline premise is a highly relatable one, and the standard long performance shots and the slow pacing cut scenes bring the track to life. 

Get "Situations" on all DSPs here.

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