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Miss R Lee's "Sam Cooke" is all about rage, hope and change

Miss R Lee's latest single "Sam Cooke" is an unapologetic verbal takedown of the powers that be and an outlook on the situation of black folks around the world. The song is a follow up to her previous releases, "History" and  the hard-hitting "Catch me." 

Inspired by the present cultural climate, Miss R Lee details a vivid account of the situation and does what she knows best.  She touches on issues like the radical BNP political party and UKIP, showing how their movements get unchecked. Even English media personality, columnist Katie Hopkins and British far-right activist Tommy Robinson are not spared from her wrath. On the flip side, she also pays tributes to icons who inspired change like Sam Cooke, Rosa Parks, and Chadwick Boseman.

The record also benefits from the production style where grime meets cloud-esque textures to create a somewhat accessible backdrop. It borders around bright sounds and it's not too gloomy but has just enough oomph behind it.

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