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Miss R Lee cuts to the chase on "Catch Me" [Video]

"Catch Me" is a collaboration between visual company indevisuals and rapper Miss R Lee for their weekly FlyBy freestyle music series. A series that help create visuals for emcees in a freestyle type atmosphere with no frills. The track is a pure showing of lyricism peppered with a catchy hook to match.

Backed by a vibrant triumphant backdrop by her longtime collaborator Nux Recordings, Miss R Lee delivers hard-hitting bars to the ears with lines like "I don't do second place, I seem to have analogy/You don't beat me in the race it ain't in your anatomy/just so that if you saddle up, I'm taking out your calvary..." as she lets the opposition know that she is more than ready to hold down the fort. For first time listeners, Lee sure sounds like a veteran with the way she switches up her cadence, raising and slowing it down at certain points to get her message across. The visual is quite simple and straight forward too, a lot of quick cuts and performance shots made to emphasize Lee's energetic flow and tom-boyish style. The track was recorded during the lockdown in UK and.was mastered by legendary producer Turkish Dcypha ( of Dcypha fame)

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