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Chris Crack drops new video for “False Evidence Appearing Real”

Genuinely hilarious person and uncontested king of album titles Chris Crack is preparing for his debut album on the Fool’s Gold label with the release of the lowkey visual for his track “False Evidence Appearing Real”. The Chicago rapper's trademark off-key humour and self-awareness are present as always, infinitely more appealing than a bulletproof façade.

The track and video are both very understated, their simplistic approach possibly a surprising choice to start a stint with such a prestigious label. But if you know Chris Crack, you know it’s all part of the plan. The instrumental is very much in the Roc Marciano school of “grab a smoky soul loop, rap on it, chalk it up”, while Chris spits punchlines for the duration of the track, no hook necessary. The video is, in essence, Chris Crack chilling with a wolf in the woods. Artful dusk shots make sublime use of the sunset through the trees while Chris chills on a rock, chills with the wolf by a park bench and feeds horses with a sense of wonder that suggests it might have been his first time. It must be said that he maintains a reasonable distance from the wolf at all times, as any sane person would. As he is keen to point out, “This ain’t satire”.

This video is the first release in the lead-up to the imminent Might Delete Later album. I can’t help but feel like this will be the most Chris Crack Chris Crack album yet, full of savage critiques disguised as one-liners and defiant originality. Fingers crossed. The album is due for release February 12 on Fool’s Gold.

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