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Danny G makes us all want to buy a pair of "Reeboks" [Video]

Rising Nashville-based artist Danny G released a new fiery visual for his latest single "Reeboks." Danny G usually incorporates extensive creativity into his music.  This time around, Danny partnered up with Reebok to do a sneaker giveaway to fans for his track "Reeboks." 

Throughout "Reeboks," the intriguing lyrics beautifully paint a story of an independent woman who does everything on her own and in her own way while wearing her stylish Reebok sneakers. The message strategically mirrors the parallel visuals in the video as we witness a competitive woman staying on top of her game while playing tennis. Danny G's effortless flow and smooth delivery make "Reeboks" extremely appealing. His unique voice lures us in while his eccentric pitch, which resembles the delightful chirps of birds in the morning, leaves the listener truly captivated. Sonically, the catchy melody gives off a pop and hip-hop mix, filled with snappy beats and lo-fi sounds. "Reeboks" undeniably makes us want to go out and get a pair of Reeboks and conquer our day.

Connect with Danny G: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 
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10 months ago

damn that's clean