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CHINAH address bad boy cliché on dark pop "Mysterious"

Copenhagen trio CHINAH share their first single of the year with the pop-infused electronic delight "Mysterious". Following their return with 2020 single "Promise", the group showcase a continuation into their delectable dark pop.

Their alt-pop trajectory continues to thrive with flourishing iridescent electronic additions and blemishes of elasticity. Punctuated with hints of 90s pop, "Mysterious" combines their usual alluring sounds with shiny, glittering PC Music-esque vocals. Fine Glinvad tells us more about the single; "Mysterious plays around with the cliché of women being attracted to the mysterious man, and how it leaves you guessing about his feelings. It’s about being drawn to that uncertainty - whilst also knowing it’s a myth."

Although we all find ourselves seeking out the attention of the classic bad boy at some stage of our lives (does it ever truly lead to a positive outcome?) CHINAH's irresistible backdrop for such themes are what continue to hold our gaze and make us yearn for more. Pianist Simon Andersson lets us in on the band's creative process: "Mysterious was made by crudely putting together some odd elements and somehow making them fit. We try to capture the weird beauty that can arise from combining things that weren’t initially meant to be together."

It's hard to not be swept up in the intrigue that CHINAH create. Their lo-fi, hazy production is engrossing and it's evident that we'll remain captivated until the end of time. 

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Alt-Pop · Electro Pop


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