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Tim Reaper steps up on remix duties for HOO05

One of our 2021 artists to watch, Tim Reaper, has joined the Hooversound Recordings roster with a very special four-track EP. HOO05 sees Reaper remix four tracks from Special Request's 2019 album, Zero Fucks. Hooversound’s first release of the year is one which combines the work of one of dance music’s most well-respected producers, and one of the most exciting names in the jungle scene — and it’s every bit as delightful as one might expect.

The EP kicks off with the Tim Reaper remix of “Elysian Fields,” which instantly transports us to happier times and places. Euphoric melodies, indistinguishable rolling vocals and fierce breaks make for a refreshing take on the Special Request original. Combining nostalgia with a forwards-thinking and modern approach to jungle, this is one of the most exciting crossovers in a long time. This is followed by “Pull Up,” which combines ethereal synths with soothing vocals and sleek breaks before breaking down into a plethora of bass and madness. The remix adds a new layer of depth to the track, with the end product feeling altogether more other-worldly. Though it’s hard to pick a stand out, this one might just have the edge.

The B-side sees Reaper remix “Quiet Storm” and “Straight Off The Block,” which sit at vastly different points on the jungle spectrum. “Quiet Storm” opens with blissful chords and elated vocals before things get hot, heavy, and breaky. It’s an aptly named, emotive banger that exudes festival sunrise energy, and is everything we need right now. The EP is rounded off with “Straight Off The Block,” which sees Tim Reaper give the track a large dose of his typically ruthless style. Sitting in the realm between footwork and jungle, “Straight Off The Block” is going to melt faces when the clubs reopen, no messing about. It’s full-throttle, suitably refined, and means business — what a way to close things out.

HOO05 sets the standard for everything else to come this year, and it could be a while before anything comes close to this one. HOO05 can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Tim Reaper: SpotifyInstagram

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