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Claude shows a world where everything’s swept under the rug on “Everything’s Great” [Video]

Dream pop darling Claude unveils her wistful new release “Everything’s Great”. This melancholy, existential offering oozing with minimalistic arrangements and soft, moody vocals narrates the harsh political landscape we have been living in. Though the world feels as if it is falling apart, some just want to pretend everything is fine.

The stunning accompanying visuals display Claude dressed as a ghost, which is fitting for such a haunting piece. The ghost is a representation of these scary times we are facing. She walks around in this attire as if it is nothing, illustrating how things that should not be normal are now everyday occurrences.

The Chicago native began concocting songs that make up this project during her last year of college. Meeting other like-minded musicians in Chicago, she formed her band playing many gigs in the city. Influenced by masterful songwriters such as Angel Olson and Joni Mitchell, she crafts striking songs with highly profound lyrics.

Claude reveals in a statement, "I wrote this song after Trump got elected. It felt like the world was ending and I wanted to somehow poke fun at his "Make America Great Again" slogan." “Everything’s Great” is the second single from her debut EP Enactordue out next month.

Connect with Claude: Facebook | Instagram

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