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Wale sends us some "Good Vibes (Za)" for 2021

2021 hasn't started off being any less chaotic than 2020. With that being said, Wale writes on Instagram that he is starting the year off with some good vibes, releasing his new single "Good Vibes (Za)." 

In "Good Vibes (Za)," Wale's raw emotions beam with every word that is uttered in this track, with his poetic ability to connect words together as if literature is translated into a song, such as "I mean I'm famous, but I'm drained...I need some prayer for real." Although Wale is spreading the good vibes as advertised, he also intelligently incorporates the tiredness and pain through the delivery, especially in the gruff tone in his voice.
Wale dropped some powerful gems in 2020, especially when it comes to his impactful conscious hip-hop tracks. Continuing his legacy, his powerful gems come as an attempt to spread positivity throughout the world this new single. Further speaking on the inequality of Black Lives and police brutality, he creates these impactful messages on the catchy hook. Combining the messages with the sounds, the snappy beats mixed with their unique tones definitely spread good energy. Press play and reset your energy. We're definitely looking forward to what more Wale has in store for 2021. 
Connect with Wale: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 


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