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Dream-pop duo Sports have "The Look" for disco

Cale Chronister and Christian Theriot have been releasing a wide array of hits under their band name Sports since 2015. Today, the Tulsa, Oklahoma dream-pop duo share their newest single, "The Look," from their upcoming project, Get A Good Look Pt. 1, set to release on February 12.

Based also on their most recent 2020 singles “Baby Baby” and “Never Know”, it’s clear that the duo has a theme going on in terms of sound with their psychedelic and funk elements. “The Look”, however, is sure to make you transport back in time with the classic disco four-on-the-floor rhythm pattern layered with off-beat guitar.

One might notice how verses carry a hazy, muffled sound with distorted vocals and heavy bass. The chorus, however, sounds crisp with vocal melodies and sharp guitar riffs. The duo discussed their purpose in this, stating, “The verses of the song were inspired by playing a show, like what goes on before Sports shows. […] The verses are the green rooms, the unhealthy habits, the anxiety. The chorus is the stage. The stage is the drug.” Therefore, everything becomes clear with performing and music in our lives. It feels like the beat is always running through our veins.

The inspiration for the song comes from a funny story. Chronister explained, “'The Look' was inspired by a comment a stranger made to me while I was out eating lunch. He interrupted me and asked who my agent was, assuming that I was a model. And then wanted to help represent me. I just kind of laughed because it seemed like such an LA cliché. But he was serious and told me, 'You've got the look of the moment.'"

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