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Felid releases his debut EP, the electro pop 'knowing you, part one'

Throughout 2020, Bristol-based singer, songwriter, and producer Felid released a string of singles, showcasing his experimentations with electronica and lo-fi bedroom pop. Now, the alt-pop artist is kicking off the new year with his debut EP, Knowing You, Part One. 

The EP starts with Felid’s debut single, “Take it Off”, a sensuous and ear-capturing introduction, promptly followed by the exhilarating bass-driven track, “Blame.” Felid also shares two new tracks, slowing down and showing the different ways he can play with his distinct sound. “Midnight Lover” carries a classical piano melody across the entire track, which juxtaposes nicely against the future bass. Like his opening track, “Just This Once” evokes a steamy energy with the heavy bass and its hushed subtlety found in '90s music. The EP ends with “On Your Own”, which explains the process of breaking away from toxic relationships and focusing on oneself. The track’s dance-driven backbeat helps present that sense of freedom, a peaceful to close out.  

It's difficult to compare any other artist to Felid, but that should only peak one's interest even more. Overall, this debut EP perfectly displays Felid's distinct talent and makes one wonder what other unique sounds he can bring to the table. With the success that Felid showed within this EP, one can only hope to see a part two coming soon. 

Connect with Felid: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Electro Pop · Electronic


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