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Valleyheart explore polarity in rousing rock release "T.I.K." [Video]

Boston alt rock four-piece Valleyheart return with an explosive new single entitled "T.I.K." This is the first release in almost two years from a band that has garnered a dedicated fanbase drawn to their refreshingly emotive and introspective indie rock. The quartet began in 2016 in the historic and haunting New England town of Salem where singer Kevin Klein started demoing different musical ideas he couldn't get out of his head. Klein soon collaborated with musicians Filipe Inacio, Danny Godwin and Jonathan Miller who transformed the DIY stripped down tunes into powerful cinematic rock tracks.

Their latest unveiling "T.I.K." is an acronym for “Thoughts I Keep” and it is all about understanding contrasting behaviors, mental disparities and the sadness as well as happiness found in life. Singer Kevin confides, "The contradictory nature of the psyche - T.I.K is about how those opposing emotions and thoughts interact. I wanted those tensions and weight paralleled in the instrumentation; hence this probably being the heaviest and hard hitting track." Sonically, "T.I.K." features pop punk meet emo inspired vocals, clashing guitars and a propelling funky bassline making an undeniably infectious song.

In the muted visuals, the band succeeds in highlighting their nostalgic 90s influence while showcasing the existential narrative by showing self reflection through the odd uses of inanimate objects. The resulting visual is striking, strange and thought -provoking.

Take a watch to Valleyheart's "T.I.K." now and examine your own contrarian behavior.

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