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Chase Aaron attains a strange new enlightenment on "I Ain't Sh*t"

Unabridged soul seeps through the sound of Chase Aaron, an LA-based creative that has established himself as a defining voice in alternative R&B.  After bursting onto the scene with 2016's Therapy, Aaron has cultivated a special brand of emotional catch-all music that places him firmly among contemporaries such as Brent Faiyaz and Xavier Omar.  After forming and releasing music with SRNDR in 2019, Aaron has returned to his solo work with a string of singles throughout the second half of 2020 with the anthemic, relatable "I Ain't Sh*t" kicking off his 2021 schedule.  

Aaron's new single focuses on a cathartic acceptance of love that finds the singer at his smoothest and most vulnerable.  Buttery vocals drifting in and out of light guitar layered over rapacious 808s gives a signature feel to Aaron's open heart-to-heart with his listeners.  It is in this theater-like quality that a certain differentiation arises between Chase Aaron and other R&B songsters; his definitively creative tracks that lend themselves as much to imaginative daydreaming as wholly as they demand active listening.  Songs that feel instantly nostalgic are becoming something of a specialty for the sonic polymath, as each single presents itself with the warm candor that radiates from the artist himself.

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Alternative R&B · Hip-Hop


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