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Blanck Mass announces new album with "Starstuff"

Blanck Mass has released a new single, "Starstuff," to announce the upcoming arrival of a new album. The eminent project of Scotland's Benjamin John Power, Blanck Mass is an electronic project that with each release, has pushed out the boundaries of the ways electronica, post rock and sounds like drone all intersect.

"Starstuff" kicks off the road to his latest project with a journey through mood and emotion, cinematically progressing with each second to reveal a musical denouement at the end. It's a track that is a reminder of the real beauty in a live performance, the hum of a crowd, and a DJ set intuited by an artist who knows the real movement in music. Kicking off by immediately surrounding us with scintillating production, the song feels like a Studio Ghibli movie come to life.

In Ferneaux will be the follow up album to Blanck Mass's 2019 Animated Violence Mild, promising to take us on a journey of space, time and emotion. His fifth studio album since debuting in 2011, it's a project built in the isolation of a musician, adjusting to pandemic life after a career of travel.
In Ferneaux will be available February 26 and is available for pre-order now.

Connect with Blanck Mass: Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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