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Chronicle implores us to 'Water The Houseplants'

Tulsa, Oklahoma born Liberian-American artist Chronicle is a man of many talents. From acting and producing to songwriting, the Chicago-raised artist balances his time within the different spheres in the world of entertainment. On his new release titled Water The Houseplants, he takes us on a ride through the musical world he has created. Unapologetic, honest, and armed with a no-frills mentality, he gives us a timely and gripping representation of what makes him tick as an artist and more importantly, a human being.

The eight- track project is a mix of alternative sounds that showcases Chronicle's songwriting and storytelling skills. He aims to take the listener to the neighborhood in the South Side of Chicago and while we walk hand in hand, he points out all the pitfalls and the great memories that come with the territory. The project offers a wide range of moods from the solemn track "You me and the sun," a piano-driven ballad that sees him reflect on the somewhat estranged relationship with an old friend, to the dreamy guitar plucks of "Resources" where he dwells on being disadvantaged based purely on his environment. On a more upbeat note, "But things could be worse" talks about celebrating his Liberian roots at the African Fest in Washington Park. Bolstered by an ominous and punchy backdrop, Chronicle vividly explains the joys of being amongst his family and experiencing a culture that has helped shape him. The final record "Exit Plans" sees him pontificating on life, self-growth, and self-doubt. He explores his options, points out the negatives while staying positive with whatever outcome life gives him.

Water The Houseplants is quite heavy and focuses solely on the story of the main character that is Chronicle. From his unorthodox singing style and offbeat rapping to the experimental downtempo musical arrangements, we do get a feel of who he is and then some, but there is quite a lot to yet be revealed as time goes by.

Get it on Soundcloud.

Connect with Chronicle: Soundcloud | Instagram  Spotify

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