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HÅN and Giungla connect for the heart-pounding "CTR"

With gigs, tours and events nonexistent for the most part this year, the pulse of the music industry has weakened but the heartbeat of the artform itself continues to emphatically pound, with artists like HÅN and Giungla recalibrating their approach to accommodate the changing world.  "CTR" is a heart-pounding collaboration between the two artists that centres around their respective penchants for darker shades of pop, and their respective sonic distinctions.

"The track was born last summer at Giungla’s place in Milan when we sat down for a writing session together," shares Giungla in an email statement. Going onto to note the impact of the situation at large on their writing process, they continue, "we finished it remotely between Milan and London (where Hån lives) during this lockdown and it’s also a reflection on what it feels like to be a musician in a year when you can’t really tour. We felt that the only thing that makes sense now it’s collaborating and sharing."

Despite the gritty and darkly alluring mystique that's evident even from the first few bars alone, the enveloping textures and hypnotic vocals are offset against a pounding four-to-the-floor beat and energetic muted guitars. Speaking to the juxtaposition in the same statement, "visually, videogame characters like Crash and Sonic came to mind and we thought that the idea of a race was perfect for the melody.  We imagined a sort of silly competition against frenzy, anxiety, tiredness, what other people think about you, and at the same time the need to keep going and challenge yourself."

This simplistic and racing melody is in its own respect as equally as hypnotic as the vocal, with the harmonious synergy crafting something truly addictive; a superlative collaboration.

"CTR" is available now via Factory Flaws.

Connect with HÅN: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Connect with Giungla: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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