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Andreas Moss unveils bright party visuals for new single "It's Cool" [Video]

Modern-day dating can be a struggle at times. Overthinking every move you make, praying that you will not screw things up. Andreas Moss’s effervescent single “It’s Cool” is all about the extraordinary highs and agonizing lows experienced when dating. With colorful beats, charismatic vocals and clever lyricism, listeners are instantly drawn to the fresh, summery vibes. Fervently singing, “I’m disappointed in myself, I’m like why you stupid. I guess I’m mad at this dude because of love, fuck you cupid” he details the emotional toll dating takes in a vulnerably candid fashion. The playful, party visuals pair nicely with the song’s laid-back air and his lines mentioning confetti and booze.

A dual citizen born in Sweden, Moss grew up touring the world with his family’s gospel ensemble. Staying close to his religious roots for years he topped the Christian charts. Now the singer has evolved into an entirely new persona, crafting a vibrant and inventive musical style that fuses rap, pop, and R&B. Embracing his sexuality, his honest, relatable messages illustrate his experiences as a proud gay man. Moss reveals in a statement, "These songs are a love letter to everyone. If you're different and feel like you don't belong, you do belong. You belong with me."

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