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Ko Shin Moon take us on a trip with their 'Miniature 1' EP

Formed in France in 2017, Ko Shin Moon was founded by two long-time friends that possessed unique musical expertise; Axel Moon bringing his extensive knowledge of traditional folk instruments and Niko Shin bringing an electronic influence, and his collection of synths and vintage gear. The interesting mixture of old and new sounds and instruments sets the stage for a compelling sound that is on full display in their new EP, Miniature 1

Their otherworldly sound is self-described as where psychedelia meets space disco. The eclectic mix blends sounds and instruments from varied regions and generations challenging the concepts of borders and time creating a truly innovative sound. Constantly stimulating the listener, the mystery of the music is perplexing -  not only posing the question of where the sounds come from but also when?

Miniature 1 is heavily influenced by the sounds of Egypt and the Levant, written with the help of craftswomen and craftsmen of the heritage. The project also enlists the help of Palestinian and Egyptian singers Mouna Hawa and Sara El Rawy. Ko Shin Moon captures the essence and historic sounds of the Levant region while simultaneously including their eccentric twist; adding disco-influenced electronic sounds, funky basslines, and modern-sounding drum patterns to create their distinct sonic landscape. The range of the project and group as a whole may best be highlighted by "Jamileh", the third track on the EP. Starting out slow with some eerie piano, the song suddenly picks up the pace, introducing some synths before exploding into a full-on upbeat middle eastern disco track. The ability to take a single track throughout so many different energies and sounds is what makes Ko Shin Moon such an intriguing act and the Miniature 1 EP such a refreshing and exciting listen.

The first of a four-piece EP series, Miniature 1 has laid a solid foundation for what's yet to come. Prepare for three more whimsical and curious journeys through cultures and generations.

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