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Da Inphamus Amadeuz brings us back to the '90s with 'Any Day Now (The Sequel)'

In case you haven't come across it yet, Bronx, New York's very own Da Inphamus Amadeuz has released his new project Any Day Now (The Sequel) -- giving us that gritty and real NY sound. 
Both Da Inphamus Amadeuz projects this year (including Covid-19) have something in common: they both take you on a time machine to another era, particularly giving the audience a dose of '90s and early '00s LoFi and boom-bap sounds. 
Right from the start, Amadeuz gets Any Day Now (The Sequel) running with his hypnotic wordplay and a tireless rapid flow style. Tracks like "90's Vibrations" expand on the nostalgic Lo-Fi and classic hip-hop themes featured throughout this project both sonically and lyrically. The powerful narrative in the storytelling songwriting takes us back to the rawness of that original New York hip-hop scene.
On "You," Amadeuz transitions seamlessly into a more intimate downtempo. He poetically depicts a love story over light chimes mixed with LoFi production. His raspy vocal delivery provides a kind of rawness that intertwines with emotions that is rarely found in many of today's modern rappers. 
Overall, Any Day Now (The Sequel) has a special way of triggering our nostalgia with witty rhyme schemes and classic samples in the production. 

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