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Heath240 ignores the chatter on "Chirp"

Hailing from Boston, Heath240 is really finding his niche—seamlessly combining Hip-Hop and Bedroom Pop. His style leans on the intriguing contrast between his light-hearted and positive sound and his often darker, heavier lyrical content. Having already claimed the attention of the local Boston music scene, Heath is working his way towards the masses with his latest release "Chirp." 

A self-proclaimed misfit growing up, Heath's youth was riddled with depression and anxiety which led him to turn to music for relief. It was through these experiences that Heath decided to become a musician, to hopefully pay it forward and help make a positive impact on people's lives, just as music had helped him through his dark days.

His new single "Chirp" sees the up-and-coming artist wrapping up 2020 on a strong note. Featuring the help of fellow Bostonian, Daniel Price, "Chirp" is about letting go of the people that don't understand and going for your dreams and your new life. "Chirp is me reimagining my surroundings and getting away from Boston. Leaving the people who talk about you from your small town and getting lost/immersed in the big city," shares Heath240. Featuring a soft guitar loop, he lays down a verse about getting out of his hometown and the struggles that come along with making a big decision like that. 

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Alt-Pop · Hip-Hop · Indie


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