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South Central rising star JAY LA OSAY reminds us to “Ball Hard Never Fall” [Video]

Emerging South Central rapper JAY LA OSAY made his entry early last year with a couple of body of works. He started with the Braveheart mixtape and closed out with 6 track Never Moving Scared EP which showcased his storytelling skills and personal insights into his life as a West Coast artist and most importantly a young black man trying to survive. Fast forward to 2020, he now shares the video for his song “Ball Hard Never Fall,” which sees the rapper reflecting on his humble beginnings. 

Over BLAKKAT206's booming beat, Jay openly reflects on his life with lyrics like," hustle every day, I ain’t got no time for fun and since I was a youngin Kesha said I was the one”  as he proceeds to shed more light to his go-getter mindset. Far from being overly flamboyant, he is more focused on earning his stripes, making the right moves, and taking the bacon home with no qualms. He teams up with the director BLAYR to help bring his vision to life in the video. Making use of simple performance shots, we follow Jay through various spots around the city, from Slauson ave to other parts. It also  features Jay surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the inner city juxtaposing both the good and bad parts of where he grew up.

“Ball Hard Never Fall” is the title track for his new 7 track EP.

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