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EVVAN rushes in like a "Hurricane" with her first release of the year

Long Island native, Evan Petruzzi, is above all else, an earnest storyteller. In a year where so much has been taken, she's been unapologetically giving, taking strings of deep-rooted thoughts and translucent memories and tying them up into careful bows of melody and heart under the moniker EVVAN. “While music has always been my most intimate friend over the years, I’m finding myself delving even deeper into myself and pouring it out through these songs,” she admits in preparation for the forthcoming release of her debut EP. While she's been quiet since her 2019 single release, shielding herself from the world behind her new artist status, she's used the time to give her sound the treatment it deserves, with heartfelt singles like her latest, "Hurricane," paving the way. 

Its pace may feel hurried with its emphatic drums and eager guitar notes, but EVVAN's voice refuses to play by the same rules. Drawing out the words like sticky taffy, she toys with each verse, rolling it around her tongue until it feels familiar enough to embrace. Telling a story of a tumultuous relationship, filled with angst — "I hope you're happy in your new relationship / And your new lover doesn't have to deal with it" — and willful acceptance —"I refreshed / Got over you long ago"— she gives in to the ebbs and flows of her own healing process, proudly donning her human response to drifting memories and leftover regrets like a badge of honor. “There’s always that moment of calm in the eye of a storm before you’re sucked back into the chaos, and relationships have a way of emulating that.” Don't they ever. 

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