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Zosia’s “7 Suns” video is a stunning filmic achievement

Los Angeles-based dark pop talent Zosia’s single “7 Suns” penetrates with a magnetic pull. Captivating cinematic soundscapes and soaring vocals define her raw passion that comes through in this elevated offering. The song takes inspiration from “Nightfall,” a short story by Isaac Asimov. The story is a tale of a planet with multiple suns, only experiencing darkness every 2,000 years. In the narrative it is predicted that their society will be in danger much like how the world is facing disaster currently. With her track she illustrates the unease many of us are experiencing. Now unveiling her dramatic desert visuals shot during quarantine, viewers feel as if they have been transported straight into a sci-fi fantasy. Similar to Asimov’s ending, Zosia is running from a mob setting fire to everything around them.

Anneke Lada the brainchild of Zosia has creatively concocted pop music ever since she was young. As she got older she evolved from her bubble gum pop persona into a more intense, matured sound. Taking the name of her Polish grandmother who fled her homeland during World War II, it is only fitting for a singer who creates music with so much power and strength. “7 Suns” showcases that same vast vehemence.  

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