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Mr. Lif & Stu Bangas (Vangarde) break down "The New Normal" [video]

Mr. Lif & Stu Bangas takes us deep behind "The New Normal" where they explore life in the ongoing global pandemic and civil unrest.

Stu Bangas hits the board and cranked out an ominous menacing beat for Mr. Lif's vivid raps that peers into how life has changed. While lines like "Retired ass images and same old subjects, the people say enough is enough so what's next" may sound gloomy, Lif manages to leave hope as he implores the next generation to keep up the struggle as "we fight and rebel through this hell never cordial/we warned you we would storm through the new normal."

The visuals directed by Burcu Ozturk and Thanasis Armagos, provides a (mostly) black-and-white depiction of a day spent traversing NYC in what has been an incredibly challenging year. There’s footage of streets both empty and slightly bustling, with folks wearing masks and making sure to social distance as they wait in line at their favorite shop. There are also clips of Lif and Stu connecting with each other via FaceTime to perform segments of the track itself, which is one of many standouts from their self-titled debut together. “The New Normal”—and the entirety of Vangarde, for that matter—stands as both a testament to the reality of life in 2020 and to the incredible talents of both Lif and Stu, who have graced us with a thought-provoking project.

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