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Hazel unleashes a refreshing rendering of Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time”

From watching old shows on Netflix like Dawson’s Creek and Friends to listening to '90s playlists, we all love to harken back to that nostalgic decade. In the spirit of reviving the '90s, Hazel unveils her cover of Britney Spears' iconic pop single “Baby One More Time.” This updated dance rendition shines with impassioned vocals and effervescent electro arrangements of booming bass and flashy synths.

Hazel joined forces with prominent producer Dunisco in lockdown to bring the shimmering track to life. The singer reveals in a statement, “Now, 22 years later, I feel like the song can be applied to the situation we all are in now with COVID-19, lockdown and loneliness. You’re sitting in your room alone and your ‘loneliness is killing you’, and you think about your crush, just wanting that person to ‘hit you one more time’ with a like on Insta, a phone call or a message.”

The 22-year-old artist from Oslo, Norway concocts infectious, dance bangers that stick in people’s heads. From the moment she learned how to play piano and guitar at an early age, she's become an unstoppable creative force. Now she has seen success being featured on electronic artist Yaro's "Think Of You" and she teamed up with Danish DJ duo Boye & Sigvardt to drop the hypnotic hit “Confessions”. Take a listen to her inventive cover of "Baby One More Time" now.

Connect with Hazel: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

90's · Dance · Electro Pop


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