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Def Wish Cast delivers 80's electro single "New Day" [Video]

After a long hiatus, Australian hip-hop group Def Wish Cast releases an 80's inspired electronic single "New Day", accompanied by visuals shot by Al Moore channelling Goonies meets Stars Wars. The dance-worthy single fuses hip-hop and electronic music effortlessly, giving vibes similar to Beastie Boys.

"New Day" showcases their iconic signature drum and synth machines which was recorded strictly with original machines by DJ Sing emulating the hip hop we know and love. Further cementing their space in the world, DWC brought on singer/songwriter Thavy Ear. Thavy wrote the song, with lyrics depicting a tough period through her life, but instead of dwelling on it, she decided to celebrate these moments. 

The video shows children running around and playing. An imagery that represents a new-coming despite the despair happening inside. With the ever-changing new world, DWC’s new single couldn’t come at a better time. The single is the first single release for the upcoming album Graffiti Crimes, DWC took the name on as their own as it represented their journey as stories within hip hop.

Connect with Def Wish Cast: Facebook | Spotify | Website | YouTube



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